Good morning everyone: Mostly fine and warm but hot in the afternoon with a few very isolated heat storms (10%) The same is valid for the Free-state and most of the central and eastern North-West. There are a few patches of high cloud over the western Northern Cape that may lead to very isolated heat storms but with dry surface conditions the amount of rain will most likely not exceed 1-2mm.  It is cloudy over the eastern parts of the Limpopo with a few rain patches at first while it is also cloudy over parts of the high and Lowveld with a few Drizzle patches and or fog patches.

Partly cloudy weather can be expected along the south-west Cape coast but it will become cloudy at time along the south and south-east coast with A few drizzle patches at times spreading to Kwazulu-Natal by the evening.

Sakkie Nigrini

Good morning everyone: Partly cloudy and warm but hot in  the north in the afternoon with isolated thunderstorms. It will be partly cloudy  and warm over the  parts of the  Limpopo but very hot in the west in the afternoon with isolated heat storms. Sunny and warm over the western  parts of North-West but hot in the afternoon when it will be partly cloudy with isolated thunderstorms. Mainly partly cloudy and warm over the Freestate with isolated afternoon heat storms.  Areas over the Lowveld and  Highveld  will be partly cloudy over parts with with a few heat storms on the Highveld in the afternoon but cloudy at first with a few drizzle and or fog patches. Partly cloudy and and mild over the south western Cape coastal areas but warm in the  afternoon away from the coast where it will be fine.  Along the south-east  coast cloudy and mild with a few rain patches over the coast and the Transkei. Mostly cloudy warm and humid over Kwazulu-Natal but hot over the interior with isolated showers.  If you want to contact me please do it via  e-mail at for more detail and a  complete 7-10 day forecast. A 6 month outlook is also available on request. (I will also supply my telephone number for all paying customers - it is a landline  thus no extra costs - apply at )