Good morning everyone:

Mainly sunny and cool over Gauteng but there is still a fair amount of moisture around, combined with industrial haze and or smoke that creates reduced visibility over the central and southern parts. As the day progress it should clear and become sunny and mild. Over the northern interior there is still more than a few cloudy patches and that in turn has kept minimum temperatures a bit higher and it will also take a bit longer for the cloud to clear. There is still fog along the escarpment areas including parts of the Lowveld and that should lift by late morning to become sunny. To the south of the country we can see the first cold front just brushing the East London coast with a patch of cloud over Lesotho and the Transkei but it is mostly mid and low level cloud with little rain if any. A second cold front (much weaker) can be seen over the south-west and south coast with some light rain over the south-west Cape coast but it is not so much the cold front than the on-shore flow that produces the rain. Very cold over the Northern Cape with minimum temperatures around -1 C with frost nut with sunny weather expected day time temperatures will recover somewhat and the same can be said for the Freestate. That is that, have a lovely day and week-end.    



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