Good morning everyone;

Still winter over most of the interior this morning with temperatures between -5 c to +3 C with frost but it should remain sunny and become somewhat warmer today in the pre-frontal phase not an extremely well defined cold front but still enough in it to produce off-shore flow along the south-east Cape coast and adjacent interior. Although the cold front looks reasonable I do not expect it to arrive at the Cape at the earliest by overnight tonight and then only the most southern parts of the Cape may get a few showers. There is still a bit of cloud over the Lowveld and northern Lowveld that will help to maintain moisture levels but as the day progress I expect the cloud to clear and moisture levels should drop to lover levels than yesterday. The days are slowly but surely becoming longer, we are just about 30 days away from midwinter (21st June) and that will help to boost maximum temperatures in the absence of a clear air cold front from the west. Either way or, stay warm and take care and if you plan to burn an old maize field or something else, take care and remember when and if you start a fire the thermal winds near the fire will increase thus make sure you have enough recourses to battle a fire that can jump out of control!

Have a lovely day!! 



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