Good morning everyone:

Yes, it started to rain over the Cape and I see isolated values of between 22 to 24 mm and even up to 10mm in the Tulbach area. Looking at the picture it does look as if more rain and showers can fall during the morning period but become more isolated showers during the afternoon.  Still mostly cold over the interior and Pretoria sits at 2 C this morning and Ellisras at 1C with frost.  A bit warmer over the central interior due to air flow that is a bit stronger in the pre-frontal phase and it is still rather windy over the East London region including the adjacent interior areas with rather high FDI (Fire danger index) Please take care and do not have an oops when it comes to fires.  Also cold over the northern interior this morning but as the day progress it should warm up a bit more than yesterday (pre-frontal) but pre-frontal means that it will become post frontal in time thus colder again! Looking at the overhaul picture it will still be a very standard winters day, rain in the Cape as it should this time of the year and sunny over the interior. Stay warm and safe!



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