Good morning everyone:

A few cloudy patches kept the temperature above freezing over Gauteng this morning while cloudy weather is also present over the northern and eastern interior. One can see that the upper-air trough is now to the east of the country with only a few pieces of still present this morning over the Nelspruit area where there is a few light rain patches at first. Also fog patches have been detected over the Highveld and escarpment areas from south to north but in all cases should burn away during the day. With the parcel cloud cover, moisture levels will be a bit higher than the norm and with that in mind maximum temperatures will rise very slow. Further west and south it remained very cold at first with temperatures again down to -5 C on average over the Freestate, Northern Cape and even a few spots over North-West.  The white patches you see over the extreme southern parts of the western Cape is high cirrus cloud and even for the Cape temperatures started well below 10 C this morning. One can just see the outline of the next cold front to the west of the Cape but before that cold front moves in the flow will be off-shore over the Cape thus the temperatures will recover to the mid 20’S over most of the coastal areas except the stations on the coast. Sunny and cold at first along the south and south-east Cape coast but mild during the day and even a couple of places away from the coast may also reach into the mid 20’s. The cloud over KZN does not look that significant thus apart from a few cloudy patches at first it should clear and become sunny.  With the cold front gradually moving in over the Cape also means that the flow should become more northerly over the Northern Cape interior and although still very cold at first temperatures should recover to average for this time of the year. The models also forecast a new upper-air near closed low over the south coast tomorrow and that may lead to a few good showers over the Overberg and George regions from tomorrow. Take note that there have been a lot of rain over these regions thus another 40-50mm can make the rivers messy and a few may break their banks, thus take note that it is not a good idea to plan a rubber dinky float down a full river!!

Have a great day and if all goes well all Rugby placed today should be with dry condtions!   



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