Good morning everyone:

Things will go slow for a day or two, I am working from a new windows platform and it is going slow!! Anyway, the cold front has moved in over the Cape with rain showers extending towards the south coast. There is a fairly thick band of middle and high cloud over the Western Cape interior but even with the cloud cover temperatures are low enough for frost. Over the rest of the interior the day started sunny but cold in most places with frost and even Pretoria started off with 2C this morning with frost. Much colder over the Freestate and even KZN started with temperatures well below 10 C. The cold front will slowly move eastwards as the day progress and force the wind to become a bit more off-shore over the northern and eastern interior and also become rather dry during the day. This will enhance the fire index over most of the central and eastern interior including the Lowveld areas, thus take care. It is also cloudy along the west coast with fog and or drizzle patches during the morning period. Yes day time temperatures will indicate that temperatures are not that bad but will still have winter temperatures at sunrise!! Have a lovely day.  



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