Apple’s ‘iWatch’ Could Be A high-End Wearable Device With A $400 Price Tag

Apple’s ‘iWatch’ Could Be A high-End Wearable Device With A $400 Price Tag

Apple’s so-called “iWatch” may cost as much as $400.

According to a new report by Re/code, Apple has considered putting its long-rumored wearable device in the market at a $400 price point. That may be the upper limit of a range of prices for the device, which is said to come in multiple versions including lower-priced ones:


The prices under discussion would put Apple’s device at the high end of the category with Samsung’s Gear 2 Silver smart watch costing about $300 and Google-powered devices fetching around $200. Timex’s upcoming Ironman One GPS+ watch carries a $400 price tag and comes with its own 3G wireless connection.

Apple hasn’t finalized the pricing for the iWatch, which is reportedly not set to become available until early next year but is expected to be introduced by the company at its special media event on Sept. 9.

Apple made the date official a couple of days ago when it sent out event invitations, whose sundial shadow graphic and “Wish we could say more” tagline suggest that the iWatch could be the company’s “one more thing” this time around.

The event is widely anticipated to focus on Apple’s next-generation smartphone. But Apple is said to introduce the iWatch alongside the so-called “iPhone 6″ in a bid to manage expectations for the wearable device, which is likely to be positioned less as a standalone product than as an iPhone accessory.


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