Google this morning has unveiled a new Hangouts Chrome app for Windows and Chrome OS users. In a post on the official Chrome blog, the company described the app as a simpler and faster way to use Hangouts on your computer, while not intruding on other tasks and apps.

As you can see in the video below, once you install the new app, you will see floating bubbles on the right side of your screen for all of your open Hangout chats, as well as a button to initiate a new chat. The overall premise is similar to that of Facebook Messenger on mobile devices with Chat Heads. Clicking on a bubble brings up your chat history with that person and allows you to reply or view all of your messages.

Google touts that the app works outside of the browser, so you have quick and easy access to them whether Chrome is open or not. The app also supports all the video and voice calling features you’re used to with Hangouts, including the ability to make voice calls and get SMS messages via Google Voice.

The app is available today for free.