How to take photos of people you don’t know

Have you ever been in a position when you want to take a photo of someone in-front of you and yet you don’t want them to see it, because they may say no. I discovered this cool method today and I think it is very cool.

I guess you only thought those white Apple headphones you get when you buy your iPhone was just for music and making calls. Well, it has one more function you never thought about. I hope you remember the headphones also have volume buttons.The interesting part is that you can use these buttons to take pictures!

Apple Headphone
Apple Headphone

This wonderful feature becomes handy when you want to take photos of people you don’t know. Just pretend to be listening to music or making a call while you’re actually taking photos. Pretty cool, right.

You can also use the headphones when you are shooting with a tripod. You wouldn’t need to touch the iPhone. You can say your hands free remote shutter release,

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