Packaging For Apple Watch And Bands Leaked Online

Packaging For Apple Watch And Bands Leaked Online


Apple is expecting to make official launch of Apple Watch on 24th of this month, but is not stoping the Tech media getting earlier review of the smartwatch.

Photos that reveal the packaging for the Apple Watch and its straps have been posted online.

Jeremy Gan, of the DailyMail, uploaded a few images to his Instagram account earlier today. Gan appears to have had second thoughts about the images after they went public and has since switched his entire account to private.

“Packaging for the Apple Watch is top notch… Like every Apple product,” says Gan. He also noted that while he liked the leather straps, the stainless steel ones looked and felt better on his wrist.

As for Gan’s thoughts on the device itself, he found it weird but good.

“Weirdest thing I’ve messed around with in a while. Feels and worked a whole lot better than I thought it would. Now I got something to think about.”

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