iPad Air Pro Case Compared To iPad Air 2 In A New Disclosure.

The supposed iPad Air Pro continue to appear in new leak,Last week Sony Dickson who has a very good track record when it comes to apple new products, Sony posted new images of alleged iPad Air Pro case on his blog. Today the German tech site Nowhereelse compared the iPad Air Pro alleged case to iPad Air 2 in a new photos.

“The German team has the opportunity to measure the dimensions of this device confirms the way those I had revealed a month earlier ie approximately 307mm high and 222mm wide. The thickness in this case has not been measured but I remind you, however, it should be around 6.8mm to 7.2mm. Information that was communicated to me by one of my informants faithful ..”


As noticed by Dickson, it appears as though the iPad Pro/Plus will have two ports. One on the bottom and one on its side. This would allow for easier positioning of the tablet in portrait or landscape orientations.225454-640 225469-1280 225466-1280


The 12.9-inch iPad Plus/Pro is expected to enter production in the third quarter of this year.

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