Night Stand For Apple Watch By ElevationLab Is Gorgeous Dock Well Made.

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Apple Watch has arrive for some lucky fans, some are yet to receive theirs, combing through the online to find a better dock for Apple Watch. I came across Night Stand by ElevationLab was amazed by its gorgeous design like it was built by Apple. One unique feature is its angle of elevation and the clour choices. In fact it is well designed and has a better finis.


”Optionally mounts vertically.NightStand ships with an ultra-strong, optional to use, custom 3M adhesive back (the same adhesive GoPro and our highly-rated Anchor headphone mount uses). Mount NightStand safely to the side of your bed frame, stealthily behind your headboard, on your wall anywhere. If you ever have trouble removing it, just heat it with a hair dryer to soften the adhesive”


”Premium construction. NightStand is molded in solid, medical-grade silicone with a gorgeous matte finish. Its softness protects from scratching (like traditional padded watch stands and winders do), it naturally kills germs, has a pleasant amount of flex, and comes in beautiful colors.”


Night Stand cost $29.


Below are some images of Night Stand.


Apple_Watch_v6_bed_vert.91-2_grande Apple_Watch_v6_charger_out.78v_grande Apple_Watch_v5.86-3_grande Apple_Watch_v6.68-1_grande Apple_Watch_v4.7-1-2_grande Apple_Watch_v4.6_grande Night-stand-red-side_large


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