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Rene Ritchie of imore identifies what is wrong with samsung design language by drawing horizontal lines across Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6, there was a prove that Apple design team pay attention to its product.


”It’s a quote from the late Steve Jobs’ father intended to help instill pride in craft. Jony Ive, Apple’s senior vice president of design, has spoken numerous times about the importance and inevitability of great design as well, about the care and consideration it takes, and how people notice it even when they don’t notice themselves noticing it.

Recently there was a brouhaha about a Qualcomm sticker junking up the Samsung Galaxy S6 on Verizon. You don’t see a sticker like that on the iPhone 6 or any other iPhone, of course, because Apple cares more about the look of their product than the licensing fees or other considerations refusing it entails. Same with Intel Inside stickers on the Mac”.

The Top Of S6 And iPhone6
The Bottom
The Top
The Side

When it comes to design Apple is meticulous about the details and this spills over in everything they do whether software, hardware, and especially how they work together. Samsung on the other hand thinks of things as a checklist. Quad HD display, check. Aluminum body, check. Octa core processor (even though it is only a quad core as only four cores can run at once), check. They do not pay attention to detail and if they do not on aesthetics than what else are they overlooking? From my use of Samsung products it happens with all their tech. They have the spec sheet, but the attention to detail isn’t there. They continually miss the real points that keep people buying their products. They are more interested in getting people to buy their new products than simply keeping their customers year over year. Apple on the other hand knows where they are going. They march to the beat of their own drum and every feature makes sense for the product they have now and future products coming up. For example, it was cool knowing my retina Pro could take phone calls, but I really never use it. Now, I can see that Apple did this as part of handoff of all their apps such as the Apple Watch we didn’t even know existed yet. Touch ID was a great idea, but the real reason for its existence wasn’t seen for another year when Apple Pay came out. Samsung on the other hand seems happy with simply copying everything Apple does while missing the real reason for their existence. I for one, enjoy seeing how the Apple machine operates and the advantages of all their features on every device they release. Their attention to detail spills over in everything they do and it has built a trust in their users that we may not understand fully now, but we can still trust that it has been well thought out and has a reason for an existence. I can’t say the same for Samsung as they seem happy just throwing everything against a wall and seeing what sticks. The problem is people are spending hard earned money on the things that dont and are quickly abandoned. This doesn’t build brand loyalty.


Source: iMore

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