Next Generation Apple TV Will Have Touchpad Remote Control.

Apple may annouce redesigned apple TV next month at WWDC, Since 2012 Apple TV has not received any major changed. We may see a major hardware change with better internals.

Apple’s next generation Apple TV will include a revamped remote featuring touch pad controls, reports the New York Times. The revamped remote will be “slightly thicker” than the current version, according to an employee briefed on the device.

”The reported touch pad can be used for scrolling and navigation and there will also be two other buttons on the remote. According to the source, the remote is about the same size as the remote for Amazon’s wireless speaker, the Echo. The new remote will likely replace the current circular-click wheel remote that ships with the Apple TV.”

The upcoming Apple TV will not feature support for 4K content, according to a report from earlier this year. Apple allegedly does not believe that there is any major benefit to supporting the technology with its set-top box.

In reality, the need for a touchpad on the Apple TV remote is very small. Apple already offers a Remote app on iPhone and Watch, both of which are almost certainly more capable than the built-in Apple TV remote touchpad will be. The Apple TV has long been praised for its simplistic remote, so it remains to be seen whether Apple will be able to keep that simplicity with a touchpad.

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