Why Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Better Than Galaxy S6 (Consumer Reports)

Consumer Reports has reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S6 giving it a lower score than the Galaxy S5 due to changes that make it more like the iPhone.

With the new S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung has pulled an about-face on the Galaxy S line’s anti-iPhone persona. The new devices are significantly more Apple-like than previous models. Both new Samsung smartphones are made of glass-and-aluminum. (The S6 Edge’s screen also bends at both edges.) A decidedly more elegant look, but other Apple-like modifications actually hurt these devices in our Ratings—ironically, putting them on-par with Apple’s iPhone 6.

For instance, these are the first Galaxy S models with non-removable batteries. Also missing: memory-expansion slots. That means Galaxy S6 owners will have to bring their phone to a service center to replace the battery, or buy a more expensive version of the phone if more onboard storage is needed—just as you do with an iPhone.

While making the Galaxy more like the iPhone hurt Samsung in Consumer Reports’ rankings, the company is betting that it will help them boost sales and revenue.

Take a look at the video below and let us know if you agree with Consumer Reports’ criticisms of the iPhone and Galaxy S6 in the comments below…


Source:Consumer Reports.

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