WWDC 2015: Understanding What Lies Behind the Image of the Apple Event (Opinion)

Missing 6 days a WWDC 2015 , Apple event where besides discovering iOS 9 and the new OS X, will be revealed too many other news related mainly to software. For each event, Apple is used to hide some clues to all that will be presented within the images of invitation. We try to give an interpretation to that this year.

The image shows the words “The epicenter of change”, which is the epicenter of change. We note immediately that the entire graphic is exclusively formed of circles and squares of different sizes, positioned and rotated in a particular way.

These forms, could easily refer to icons of applications for Apple Watch (round) and iOS (square). As we talk about Worldwide Developer Conference, an event that is dedicated to developers and software, we could limit ourselves to think that the entire picture is repeated these icons of applications.


Starting next week, will present the first accessories based HomeKit , which is the framework from Apple that allows you to create objects connected, controlled by Siri and apps iPhone. We noticed that the icon of HomeKit is a square with rounded edges but is rotated 45 degrees, just like the image of the WWDC.

It is rumored that in the operation of objects based HomeKit, the Apple TV plays a decisive role. When we are away from home in fact, it proves difficult to communicate with the iPhone every single accessory home automation. Therefore, one solution would be to connect the iPhone, remotely, to our Apple TV which in turn would send the command to the smart objects we have at home through WiFi and a connection to the same home network.

In the image of WWDC are in fact also a big square, located right in the center, which could rappreesentare the Apple TV and its characteristic shape.

The epicenter may therefore just be the new Apple TV in a new version and thanks to a new operating system would be transformed into an entertainment system and complete control for objects HomeKit. The new Apple TV should have an App Store-rich applications and games to try in your TV, probably controlled by iPhone or a special accessory. Apple should also introduce the possibility to subscribe to a service to watch different channels at an affordable price.

Of course it should be emphasized that all you have read in this article is only the result of a personal thought. Things could go just like that or be completely different

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