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Apple Hires Former Head of Fiat Chrysler to Join the iCar Team

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The marketing of Apple Watch and rumors that are now wrapping the output of the next iPhone probably have distracted attention from what until recently was the subject to be treated every day: Apple and the world of cars . To bring a little ‘light on this area, however, there is the new hiring by Apple of a former manager Fiat Chrysler: Doug Betts.

Betts has been a long time in charge of quality control of Fiat Chrysler, a company where he worked until last year. As of early July, however, it seems that Betts has started to provide its services to Apple, an acquisition of all respect especially when you consider that in the world of car Betts is considered a true authority in the field of quality check.



While no one knows exactly what is the role that will occupy Betts, it’s hard not to connect its presence in what we call conventionally iCar that the Californian company should sell for 2020.

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