Samsung: Dear iPhone Users, Give us $ 1 and try the new Galaxy for a month.

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And ‘available recently the new offer Samsung targeted to iPhone users who have been made ​​possible try new Samsung devices for a limited period. The service offered has the aim to test the new Edge Galaxy S6, S6 Edge + Galaxy and Galaxy Note5 with a cost decidedly low.


Samsung with its new offer want to attract iPhone users to get them to try out their new Galaxy S6 Edge, Edge Galaxy S6 + and Galaxy Note5. To qualify for this promotion you need to access a web page Samsung with their iPhone. In this way the South Korean company has the certainty that the user is a customer and Apple may in this case offer them one of the new devices under test for one month .Following the normal procedure for exchanging data such as name, address and other details on the credit card, you may request one of the new Samsung devices. After the 30 day trial you can choose to keep the Samsung device, and paid according to the price list, or deliver and pay $ 1 for the service.

The offer in question is currently available only in the US , where the iPhone market is in a phase of exponential growth.

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