The Camera of the iPhone 6s Will be Better in low light (Rumor)

The Camera of the iPhone 6s Will be Better in low light (Rumor)

After the various items on the arrival of a 12 MP rear camera for the next iPhone 6S , now comes a new rumor on the quality of photos taken in low amounts of light . Thanks to the new members of the iPhone 6S, should be able to take pictures in the dark, while maintaining a good quality.


One of the improvements the next iPhone 6S will undoubtedly be linked to the device’s camera. For months now we talk about an upgrade to 12 Mp for the iSight camera back, thus increasing the size of the photos and keeping the standards of the competition. Today, however, it comes a new item tied to a net improvement in the quality of the pictures taken in the dark , thanks to the larger sensors, able to capture a greater amount of light.

This is an improvement always appreciated, but we need to see the actual difference between the old and new camera in the first comparisons that will come without doubt the exit of the new iPhone.

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