Do you Have Problems With Battery ”Autonomy” on iOS 8.4.1? Here’s how to Solve Them

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The new version of iOS, more precisely 8.4.1 was released last week to some of the shortcomings of Apple Music. However, some users have found any problems with the autonomy of their devices.

If you are among these are steps to resolve them!

There is no much to the release of iPhone OS 9, a new stable version of Apple’s mobile operating system, with thousands of improvements and finishes to add to their iDevice.

But if you have updated to the latest firmware available, the iOS 8.4.1, and you have found any

problems with battery life ,

here are a few tips to resolve them:


1.Recalibrate the battery: recharge your device at 100% and loading it until it turns itself off.
Now reload it back to 100% and then reset it by pressing and hold down Home + Wake / Sleep.


2.Reset the default settings: go in the settings of your device, General> Reset>
Reset All Settings.


3.Manage location services: go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services and decreased
the number of applications that can use this service.


4.Do a clean install: reset your device via iTunes and install the new firmware on the device reset.


These are some practical tips to increase the autonomy of iOS 8.4.1 waiting for the new iPhone OS 9,

which should solve all these problems.

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