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Apple Expands its Expertise in Artificial Intelligence


One feature that is evolving in the most modern devices, mobile or not, are the screen readers. Equipped with what we might call a kind of artificial intelligence , there is no doubt that among the various products on the market is Google Now eponymous search giant to reign in terms of functionality. For this reason, Apple decided to strengthening the team in terms of experts in artificial intelligence to compete against his arch enemy.


According to a report compiled by Reuters , the number of experienced engineers in artificial intelligence hired Apple is practically tripled in recent years, a trend which, through a recruitment plan for the years to come, it does not seem to have the intention to decrease .

All this is based on the principles of what we might call learning computer, or the execution of a given action following the collection, analysis and development of a set of data received.

Apple’s ultimate goal is to create systems that are able to learn the habits of users and can react accordingly avoiding surgery in humans in dynamic routine and repetitive. In Apple’s case, however, this mission seems very difficult because of the strict regulations on privacy. In order to allow the entry of a more evolved Siri within the waist of the user, important information of the users themselves should be put at the mercy of the assistant, the point that for Apple has not yet conceivable.

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