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iPhone 6s/7: The Final Item That Encompasses all That we expect from the Next Model


Now it is almost to the presentation of the new iPhone and iPhone 6S 6S Plus and as usual on the web are born

every day new rumors about the new features in the new Melafonino. In this article we want to collect the most expected

that they will usually implemented in these new models of iPhone.

For Apple this is the year of the “S” model, we do not expect a major update in the iPhone line, but a simple hardware

upgrade by adding new features. This results in the fact that there will be major changes in design , but certainly some details will be changed. Under the shell instead we expect some new more substantial, focused on improving the performance of the Apple smartphone.

Design, thickness, colors and materials

Let’s start with what will be the first impact with the new iPhone design. As mentioned before, it is a model “S” we do not expect big disruptions in design , but according to some recent rumors something will change. It is rumored fact that the new iPhone will be thicker , from 6.9 mm to 6 of the iPhone to 7.1 mm. One difference really minimal and almost imperceptible, but this is nothing new for Apple, because for the first time a model “S” becomes thicker than its predecessor. This is not necessarily a flaw, indeed.Apple for the difference in size so minimal it could only mean the addition of new components, improved materials and a touch panel Force

Besides that there are rumors about a possible new color Pink Gold which would add to the current colors Gold, Silver and Grey Sidereal. Most likely there will be new materials like aluminum case series 7000 which should further strengthen the smartphone, thus avoiding definitively bendgate and a display in sapphire .

Force Touch

Surely the most anticipated is the new Force Touch , technology already present on Apple Watch, MacBook and

MacBook Pro that is able to recognize different pressures on the screen. This new feature could change the user experience through new gestures that would improve the interaction with the operating system. New ruomor justify increasing the thickness of the new iPhone because of the introduction of the Force Touch, since the last images it seems that there are differences between the screens of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the new iPhone 6S. The technology could be presented with the name of 3D touch display. 

Maps in the app, for example, a long press and stronger will be activated turn-by-turn directions to a specific location.

Music in the app, with more pressure on a song it could be added directly to a playlist or to the play queue.

Obviously the functionality of Force Touch will also classical applications like Phone and Safari.

Hardware upgrade

And ‘virtually certain that the new iPhone will have better hardware than their predecessors, so we can only rely on the rumor to find out what to expect under the shell of the new Melafonino.

It starts with the memory RAM which should finally go to 2 GB as the Air iPad 2. This is definitely an important step, because it will allow users to take advantage of several applications at once without slowing down whatsoever. The new RAM will use the new chips that will increase still LPDDR4 performance of iPad Air 2.

The processor will be based on the A9 64-bit in production for some time. The new chip will be manufactured using the 16-nanometer process, as opposed to processors A8 and A8X 20 nanometers that feed the current iPhone and iPad. The technology to 16 nanometers using smaller components that not only require less energy but they also offer a superior processing speed.

The NFC chip will receive a small update to the next version 66VP2 passing, which unfortunately do not yet know much.

The new motherboard that will be present on the next smartphone from Apple will have a new LTE chips. T

he latter will be the MDM9635M manufactured by Qualcomm, also known as “9X35” and and ensure twice the speed in LTE, going from 150 Mbps to a maximum of 300 Mbps.


As for the rear camera there will most likely be an upgrade to 12 MP against MP 8 used on iPhone 6. According to this rumor will be able to record video in 4K. On the camera front instead you do not know anything, though hopefully in an increase in size of the lens to capture more space for the famous selfie.

As mentioned before, with the increased thickness of the new iPhone, the camera on these iPhone and iPhone 6S 6S Plus

may not protrude more like their predecessors and then solve this “problem” fairly criticized. However mockup from the camera continues to stick out so it is too early to declare victory in this sense.

Animated backgrounds

As well as launched on Apple Watch, it seems that the iPhone 6s the user can launch the animated backgrounds to be activated at any time further contributing to the customization of your iPhone. These backgrounds provide different motion every time you turn on the screen in the lockscreen. iOS also introduce 9 new wallpapers that you find here .


The storage of this new iPhone, just like the previous one, should start from 16GB, and then move to 64 and 128. A new deal would request that starting with twice as many gigabytes at the same price is the entry level model 32GB, however some Apple executives do not agree and are unlikely to be released.The decision will then be taken by majority because

Phil Schiller at the time continues to be convinced that 16GB combined with various cloud services can do and can be a good compromise to keep the price down. We’ll see.

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