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Apple Announces 12.9 inches iPad Pro With Incredible 5.6 Million Pixels

Now we go to talk about iPad, more precisely iPad Pro . The new tablet from Apple comes as the iPadmore powerful and efficient able to keep up with even the most powerful PC. Let’s find out together!


The iPad has transformed the way we create, learn and work in a few years. To make sure that the experience with the best iPad, Apple has thought of something new. Today, Apple has shown the greatest revolution in the iPad, the first iPad with a promotional video really beautiful. The the most powerful ever created with spectacular technological innovations is precisely the iPad Pro .

With a larger display , we will have a magical piece of glass in his hands with which we can do anything.We can hold it all day unlike a laptop. And ‘ light, powerful and multitouch . And with the new features of iOS multitasking 9, you will appreciate even more the big screen 12.9 “ . The reasons behind the choice of 12.9 “lie in the fact that the height of landscape is exactly the same height as a portrait of the iPad Air keeping in 5.6 million pixels.


The iPad Pro is supportoato by a processor A9X, 1.8 times faster than a CPU for desktop computers , 2 times faster than the iPad Air 2, 22 times faster than the CPI, 2 times faster in graphics performance, GPU 360 times faster than the iPad Air 2.

With iPad Pro we can use applications such as iMovie, with spectacular results and faster, all without compromising the battery life of 10 hours of use.


For the first time in an Apple product , there are four audio speakers . Apple placed them in the 4 corners for an amazing stereo effect. The iPad Pro has a thickness of 6.9 mm little more dell’iPad Air 2 that is 6.1 mm thick.


Apple today also introduced a new accessory for the iPad Pros: Smart Keyboard. It is a SmartCover classical, but also possesses the physical keys ultra thin . The keyboard connects to the Smart Connector (3 dots on the side).

Obvious improvements for those who want to write with iPad. But for those who want to draw? To get a new level of precision, we need a new level of innovation. Apple has created a stylus called Apple Pencil. When we use Pencil, screen system fails to activate highly sensitive sensors of the display of the iPad Pro. This way we can press lightly for fine lines and stronger for wide lines. We may also use the side lines with pencil for shading instead of strong and sharp. When the pen’s battery is discharged, we will remove the cap to reveal a lightning connector to be connected directly on the iPad . Will the iPad to charge the pen.


Among various jokes he was invited a representative of Microsoft on stage and showed us the operation of Word, Excel and PowerPoint . With the new feature of iOS 9, which allows you to split the screen and use two applications at the same time, we also see 50% 50% Word and Excel, have enhanced the data from an app to another with ease.

Even Adobe has made its appearance on stage with a demo of their products such as Photoshop and others. Finally the last demo has been dedicated to health applications.

As for the prices start from $ 799 for 32 GB, then move on to $ 949 for 128 GB and finally $ 1,079 for the 128 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular.


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