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WhatsApp Web has put at Risk Millions of User Because of a bug.

Just been made ​​available to iOS users, the service WhatsApp Web in recent days has been the victim of a bug that could have jeopardized millions of users through unintentionally installing malware inside your computer.
concerns the possibility of installing malware by downloading a file .vcard, file type that is typically used to share contacts and was discovered by the blog CheckPoint which deals with computer security. WhatsApp has been informed of the flaw on Aug. 21 and the problem has already been resolved after 6 days of notification by releasing a fix.


Check Point shared its discovery to WhatsApp on August 21, 2015. On August 27, WhatsApp rolled out the initial fix (in all versions greater than 0.1.4481) and blocked That Particular features.


Millions of users were at risk and probably some even involved, you should check your version of WhatsApp Web, CheckPoint states that the flaw has been fixed with version 0.1.4481 up. Also we recommend Windows users to scan for malware research programs for security, for Mac users can run a scan with the free Malwarebytes .

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