Apple Free App of the Week ”Wake Alarm Clock”

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Apple every week choose an application or game -especially famous and worthy of notation and makes it available for free in the App Store for a limited time. This exclusive offer is known as App of the Week and the choice of today’s Wake Alarm Clock .


Discover Wake, the alarm most beautiful and innovative iPhone. Hit the phone to delay the alarm, capovolgilo to deactivate alarms or shake it to wake you up. With Wake, now you can get out of bed without problems!

Wake combines simplicity and design in a unique and revolutionary app with alarm function. It comes with three different styles of alarm:

HIT AND FLIP: provides a virtual button that allows you to delay the alarm. Ideal for those who need a few minutes of extra sleep.

SHAKE: style designed specifically for people with sleep deeper and needing an alarm clock to wake up far less traditional from their torpor.
FLOWING FAST: easy to use option for dreamers who do not want to complicate their lives.
What style of alarm is best for you?

Alarm Clock Features

  • Gesture-based user interface easy to use for setting and interaction with alarms
  • Rotation of the dial for setting simplified alarms
  • Ability to create up to 8 alarms repeatable
  • Scroll down to view alarms and drag it down to activate / deactivate
  • Customization with 12 exclusive ringtones alarm integrated
  • HIT AND FLIP mode turns your iPhone into a traditional alarm clock thanks to a virtual button that allows you to delay the alarm. HIT the phone to delay the alarm or to disable CAPOLGILO
  • SHAKING mode forces you to physically shake the phone until the filling dell’apposita bar: with this movement, added to persistent sound, can you definitely awaken mind and body at the same time!
  • 3 difficulty settings in either mode SHAKING
  • Setting alarms repeated on any day of the week
  • Ringtones alarm progressive with gradual increase of the intensity
  • Design visually striking both horizontally and vertically

Wake is the perfect alarm clock for anyone, from people with sleep heavier than the lighter sleep. With Wake you’ll start your day on the right foot, turning every morning into a good morning without complications.

Note: Wake you wake up anyway, but to use the styles of alarm HIT AND FLIP is necessary that the app remains running on the screen and leave the phone on charge overnight. Set Wake on Night mode and supports the iPhone next to your bed, with the screen facing upwards. Do not lock the screen because this feature uses the proximity sensor. **

HIT, FLIP and SHAKE your iPhone to wake you up!

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