Google Offers a way to 2,000 People to Become a Beta Tester of the new Chrome for iOS.

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Apple recently increased the limit of possible installations through TestFlight reaching a maximum number of 2,000 beta testers for each version to na duration of 60 days.


Google has now made the news with good grace, offering opportunities for 2,000 people to try the new beta version of Chrome for iOS currently under development.

If you want to participate in beta testing, you can register here , visiting the site directly from the iPhone.If Google decides to select you for the test, you will receive a second email with the link to the installation via TestFlight.

Definitely you will come thousands of requests in just a few minutes but groped costs nothing.


Among the changes we include:

  • The presence of the quick actions to be activated by clicking on the icon with the Force Touch that allow you to start a voice search, open a new tab or a new tab incognito.
  • The ability to open or close the on-screen keyboard even when we use a wireless keyboard connected to the device

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