First look at the chip A9X, engine iPad Pro

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iPad Pro is a device that, in addition to a new design, includes various new software side. The engine of the new tablet from Apple is the chip A9X , which was analyzed by Chipworks.

One of the most interesting things that emerges from this initial analysis is that although the circuit is clearly visible, the modern processes used for the chip does not allow us to study all its parts. Indeed, there are still conflicting ideas about it, but specialists Chipworks and Motley Fool (who provided the circuit) agree on one thing: the GPU is 12-cluster , the CPU has two cores .


Ashraf Eassa Motley Fool says that the memory interface is twice larger than that on the A9 chip, thus explaining the absence of level three cache memory. The chip can read and write data in RAM twice as fast, for this does not need it. The increased size of the iPad Pro allow for better heat dissipation, and is probably the reason why Apple has been unable to adopt this approach.

The GPU seems to have been customized specifically for this chip, the Apple supplier, Imagination Technologies, is not usually provide you with 12 clusters. In short, for Eassa it is a great piece of engineering.

Here is the full image of the chip: the green area indicates the two CPU cores, while the blue areas represent the core to 12-cluster.

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