Samsung thinks iPod in a recent patent filed

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That the world of business, and especially that of technology, is governed by the principle “those who copy” is now a fact. Apple and Samsung are now global example of how two companies can get when it comes to war to enforce their intellectual property. As if it were not enough the compensation owed ​​to the company in California for free inspiration to the design of the iPhone, Samsung settles a particular patent in which it appears the famous iPod.

The patent in question would present a technology that makes it practically possible to flex the display of a smartphone. Until the technology had been presented this, there would be no problems for the South Korean company.


What has attracted the attention of many it is that the picture accompanying the patent are the icon that is undoubtedly an iPod with a caption that shows exactly the name of the Apple device confirming the identity, that in itself already illegal because the name is copyrighted.


The reasons that led Samsung to include precisely that icon in the project are a mystery, but it is appropriate to say that, even when talking about giants, the leopard can not change its spots.

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