Ten employees arrested for stealing iPhone from Apple factories

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It ‘just came the news of the arrest of ten employees of the company Pegatron , manufacturer of Apple devices, for stealing several iPhone and other component i for a total value of $ 154,000.


Employees have stolen over several months, namely from June 2014 to January 2015, well  227 iPhone, 360 motherboards and 58 batteries Apple for a total value of $ 154,000 . A really big number, but substantial measures are also, in fact employees arrested in danger from 8 months to 7 years in prison. The thieves have come up with their plan well, forming a team of 10 members, working in various departments of the factory. Each had a specific task both legal and illegal, in fact, without a good organization, probably would have been discovered immediately.

Despite this, it is still surprising how they managed to steal so many devices in several months, without anyone suspecting a thing. Evidently  Pegatron does so many controls on devices manufactured and shipped devices, or thieves were smart enough to tamper with these data.

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