Apple is developing new EarPods alongside iPhone 7 | Rumor

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After the acquisition in 2014 of Beats Electronics, Apple is planning to launch a new range of Bluetooth headsets, potentially alongside the iPhone 7 . The new headsets may be completely wireless.


Such news fits perfectly with a rumor that has been circulating for a few days and he sees no iPhone 7 Connector 3.5 mm jack . The alleged new headsets may then connect to the iPhone not only via Bluetooth but also via connector Lightning.

Information on new EarPods are very few, but sources claim that could be conceptually very similar to Motorala Hint and Bragi Dash, presented at CES this week.

Apple has also registered the trademark “AirPods” , which could then be the name of these new accessories. The California-based company, in case of new headsets, will exploit some of the Beats technology to ensure optimum audio quality.

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