List of the most popular iPhone: the last shall be first?

For years, Apple has pursued his idea on smartphones with display diagonals from: cumbersome and difficult to use. Nevertheless, the Cupertino company could not continue to ignore a richer smartphone market with superior display to 4 “ , and has therefore launched iPhone 6 / 6s (4.7″) and iPhone 6 / 6s Plus (5, 5 “). Then these will be the most popular Apple smartphone nowadays?


There is much talk in recent weeks of the much-rumored iPhone 5se , and Apple back to a 4 “smartphone display.The device could make its debut during the March event, but until then we can not talk that the rumors ( denied by Tim Cook? ).

Given the huge success of the iPhone 6 and later, you might reasonably assume that today there are few people using iPhone 5s or earlier. Well, the results from a recent market research by Mixpanel seem to confirm (at least partially) the opposite.

Here are the most used versions of iPhone:

  • iPhone 6 – 35.06%
  • iPhone 5s – 19.1%
  • iPhone 6s – 13.73%
  • iPhone 6 Plus – 8:54%
  • iPhone 5 – 7.64%
  • iPhone 5c – 5.87%
  • iPhone 6s Plus – 27.4%
  • iPhone 4s – 3.4%
  • iPhone 4 – 1.74%
  • Older iPhones – .03%

Obviously it surprised the percentage of use of iPhone 5s , launched the device in 2013. There are several factors that contribute to this ‘success’. We start from the hardware, that is able to perform with little effort even the latest applications. Moreover, it seems, many users prefer a display with smaller dimensions, without doubt more simple to use with one hand. Last but not least because the Apple support , which releases iOS updates for older devices, just as iPhone 5s.

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