Do you know you can use your iPhone or Android smartphone as a Spirit Level?

Innovations is driving the smartphone industry, since most of them are face with stiff competition helping them to pack features which consumers not aware those innovations exist. 

Most smartphones include an accelerometer, which is a sensor that’s used to identify your phone’s orientation. Smart developers have figured out that this means your phone can be used as a spirit level.If you have an Android phone, you can download apps to do this, but if you have an Apple device running iOS 7 or higher (surely pretty much everyone using an iPhone today), the function is built in. It’s a little hidden away, though.

To find this function, open up the Compass app on your iPhone. Now swipe left anywhere on the screen. The actual compass function will slide aside and a spirit level feature will appear.



Lay your iPhone flat on a surface, and two overlapping circles will merge to provide you with a reading. Hold your iPhone upright or on its side, meanwhile, and you’ll be able to use its edge to reveal the angle of your flat surfaces (whether vertical or horizontal).In any case, the picture will go green when you have a flat surface. Tapping the screen will adjust the default angle, allowing you to tilt and take measurements. Tap again to reset.

For Android devices there are countless spirit level apps in all forms – many of which come with additional functions. For its iOS Compass-like simplicity, try downloading Bubble Level – Spirit Level from developer NixGame. It works in a very similar way, and it looks very sharp.

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