Slaughter of San Bernardino: Apple responds with an open letter to the FBI request

A federal court in the United States has ordered Apple to help federal investigators to access

the data of the iPhone 5c used by Syed Farook , author of the San Bernardino massacre,

reports NBC News .According to court documents, the California company

has voluntarily refused to provide assistance .”

The response of the Cupertino giant, signed by Tim Cook, was not long in coming .
The FBI claims that Apple has the “technical means” to help the government to access the conversed data on terrorist device.


The lawyer Eileen M. Decker stressed the importance of the issue, such data may in fact provide much new information and important details about the massacre of San Bernardino.

In response to the request, Apple has just released an open letter , signed by Tim Cook . In this, the CEO of the California-based company said that the court order is unprecedented , and could threaten the security of its members, ” we were asked to create a backdoor for the iPhone .”


According to allegations made ​​by Cook, the federal judge would ask the company to develop a special version of the operating system for iPhone , an unprecedented order in history: ” We are not able to
find any precedent in which an American company was forced to expose their customers to greater risk of attack, threatening decades of improvements in security . ”


Cook explains that the FBI made ​​this request by appealing to ‘ All Writs Act . The investigative body that would develop special versions of Apple’s iOS to allow the brute-forcing PIN . The CEO, however, responded that this legal justification could be ” also used for access to messages, information on personal data (such as clinical ones) and even access the camera and microphone for iOS devices, all without the user .

The letter ends with Cook that supports this concept: the FBI needs compromise those liberties that the government has instead meant to protect.

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