The chips of the iPhone 7 will be shielded against electromagnetic interference | Rumor

According to a new report by ETNews , Apple is working to realize the internal components, so that does not produce electromagnetic interference .


The components with the initials EMI , from the English words Electro Magnetic Interference , minimize the electromagnetic nterference , leading to the device two main advantages. The first is linked to the space occupied by the chip under the shell, that without this abbreviation had to be spaced apart to not interfere with one another. The second advantage is instead that related to the health of users , who are increasingly being subjected to the electromagnetic waves produced by the various devices. According ETNews , Apple will use different chips in the iPhone 7, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the main processor A10, all with reduced electromagnetic interference.

It is not the first time that the Cupertino company creates internal chip equipped with the EMI marking, in fact are used in the Apple Watch, in computer motherboards and other Apple connectors.

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