LG G5 & Friends: LG officially unveils new LG G5 with possibility of adding dedicated modules! | MWC 2016

LG G5 & Friends: LG officially unveils new LG G5 with possibility of adding dedicated modules! | MWC 2016

It ‘just finished the LG conference that precedes the usual opening of the Mobile World Congress where he was presented the new smartphone top range of the Korean company, LG G5 with a series of new accessories closely linked to Friends called LG smartphone. Let’s see in detail the characteristics of all the novelties presented.
They were confirmed all the features leaked some time ago regarding the new LG smartphone, and so far nothing new. The main novelty is the combination of modular smartphone and all-metal body. This will allow the user to change the battery without having to use tools or connecting accessories to expand the functionality of your smartphone. We recall the following


features of the new LG G5:

Processor Qualcomm ® Snapdragon ™ 820
Display: 3-inch Quad HD IPS Quantum (2560 x 1440 / 554ppi)
Memory: 4GB LPDDR4 RAM / 32GB ROM UFS / microSD (up to 2TB)
Camera: Rear: Standard 16MP, Wide 8MP / Front: 8MP
Battery: 2,800mAh (removable)
Operating System: Android ™ 0 Marshmallow
Dimensions: 149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7 ~ 8.6mm
Weight: 159g
Networks: 4G LTE / 3G / 2G
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a, b, g, n, ac / USB Type-C 2.0 (3.0 compatible) / NFC / Bluetooth 4.2
Color: Silver / Titan / Gold / Pink
The innovative LG modular design allows for the first time to transform LG G5 in a camera, in a hi-fi stereo and much more retaining a removable battery in a single metal body. Two modules developed for LG G5: Cam Plus and Hi-Fi Plus with B & O PLAY. Below some characteristics of the various components.

Cam Plus
LG Cam Plus is a versatile module that can be hooked to the battery slot to offer the manual controls of a digital camera and a better grip. LG Cam Plus has an LED indicator and physical buttons for controlling lighting, shooting, recording and zooming, ensuring a better grip for shooting and shooting video. It also offers an intuitive auto-focus and exposure lock, features that are normally only found on digital cameras. When the module is plugged in, it provides a 1,200 mAh additional battery to extend the sessions of shots and do not let walk the photographer in the middle of his fun.


Hi-Fi Plus with B & O PLAY
LG Hi-Fi Plus with B & O PLAY is an innovative portable Hi-Fi DAC developed in cooperation with B & O PLAY to meet the demand of those looking for a high-fidelity sound reproduction, normally only available in high-end audio devices. LG Hi-Fi Plus with B & O PLAY is characterized by a refined Scandinavian design as well as excellent audio fidelity. In addition to the upsampling feature included in DAC technology HI-Fi 32-bit already present in the previous V10 LG, LG Hi-Fi Plus with B & O PLAY supports audio playback in high definition at 384 KHz. LG Hi-Fi Plus with B & O PLAY can be used as a module to LG G5 or can be used as a DAC Hi-Fi from any smartphone or jere1979.
Wide Attachment lens and advanced features
To confirm the great reputation of the cameras of the smartphone LG, LG G5 is equipped with a double rear camera: the first with a standard lens by 78 degrees and the second with a wide angle of 135 degrees, to provide a shooting angle of about 1, 7 times larger than any existing camera of smartphones, more than 15 degrees to the human eye’s visual field. The benefit? Shot wide, to photograph the best landscapes, tall buildings and large groups of people without having to move multiple files.

LG G5 is packed with advanced camera features to create surprising and original effects: Pop-out Picture, Film Effect, and Auto Shot. Pop-out Picture resumes the same scene with two cameras to create the effect of a picture in a frame. Film Effect can apply the effect of 9 different filters to an image and Auto Shot snaps selfie perfect as soon as the camera recognizes the face.

LG-HiFi-Plus-768x1024 (1)

Always-On Display for added convenience

The modularity is not the only LG G5 innovation. The 5.3-inch qHD IPS display, it offers the Always-On feature for the first time on a smartphone with IPS display. Introduced on LG V10 like Second Screen, the Always-On function has been moved to the main display to continuously display the time and date, even if the phone is on standby. This allows you to take a quick look timetable without having to unlock the main screen.

To reduce energy consumption, LG has redesigned the memory of the display driver and power management so that the display backlight is activated only on a limited area, as happens on the LCD TV. With this technology, the Always-On display consumes only 0.8% of the battery per hour. Normally users check the time on your smartphone up to 150 times a day, thanks to the Always-On Display G5 will realize a noticeable difference in the life of the battery during the day.

Another advanced feature of the LG G5 display is the Day mode that further improves the visibility of the display of more sun exposure than the current adaptive brightness technology. The Day mode when activated detects the surrounding light conditions and instantaneously increases or decreases the display brightness up to 850 nits. Even before your eyes get accustomed to the different lighting conditions, the G5 will be ready.

The G5 friends: LG Friends
With LG LG Playground G5 introduces the ecosystem, a number of gadgets, called Friends LG to offer an experience of more fun and engaging user able to go beyond the normal limits of smartphones. The new ecosystem LG will be central to the company to strengthen ties with its partners by constant of devices and programs developed to enrich the ecosystem.


360 VR
LG 360 VR is a virtual reality viewer which can be connected with LG G5 thanks to a dedicated cable and is capable of simulating a 130-inch TV viewed from 2 meters away. It has an elegant and foldable design that allows it to be easily transported and see VR content anywhere, anytime. Unlike other VR visors that require to insert a smartphone in the device, LG 360 VR is much lighter and weighs about one third of these products. LG VR 360 is compatible with photos and videos captured by LG 360 LIVE and with all the Google Cardboard content. It works only with LG G5.

Rolling Bot
LG Rolling Bot is a device that rotates like a ball and capture images and videos thanks to an 8MP camera. It is not simply a game: Rolling Bot can be used as a home security system, as playmate for pets or as a remote control for other home automation applications. With an IP camera connected via wi-fi users can control all your home from anywhere in the world.

Platinum Tone
LG TONE Platinum (HBS-1100 model), the latest addition to the LG TONE Plus series, is a Bluetooth headset that has obtained the rank of Platinum Harman Kardon® for its superior sound quality. The perfectly balanced structure allows to minimize the distortion, and provides an exceptionally clean and defined sound. Above all, it is the first Bluetooth headset with aptX HD codec, to ensure a 24-bit audio with no latency, for a sound that is unrivaled in a wireless device.

H3 by B & O PLAY
H3 by B & O PLAY is the top headset perfect range to play 32-bit high quality sound of LG Hi-Fi Plus with B & O PLAY. Designed for both music lovers and for those who believed audio performance a top priority in a smartphone, H3 by B & O PLAY is compatible with all LG smartphone.

Smart Controller
LG Smart Controller allows you to control drones and other smart devices. Thanks to LG Smart Controller, users can view streaming video of the drone on LG real-time G5 and intuitively control the aircraft by moving the lever on the LG controller.

Friends Manager
Available exclusively for LG G5, Friends Manager is the application hub that allows you to connect to LG Friends with minimal effort and without confusion. Friends Manager automatically detects Friends nearby and quickly connects them with three simple steps, avoiding all the hassles of the pairing of devices.

More Performance, Greater Efficiency
LG G5 offers many other innovations designed to revolutionize the common use of the smartphone:

Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 820 processor
LG G5 features the powerful and efficient Snapdragon 820 processor that provides advanced features such as 64-bit performance, GPU Adreno 530, Qualcomm ® Hexagon TM Hexagon DSP low power, dual image signal processors (ISPs) Qualcomm Spectra ™ 14-bit to provide an image control as on an SLR and greater energy savings. The Snapdragon 820 processor has an integrated LTE modem that supports the X12 category reaching 12 to 600 Mbps download and 13 upload category with a speed of 150 Mbps.

Compared to the previous Snapdragon processor, the new architecture of Qualcomm offers twice the power and energy conservation. GPU Adreno 530 is 40% faster in drawing graphics and also offers 40% more energy saving than its predecessor. Snapdragon 820 supports capture and playback of video in 4K, ensuring maximum sharpness during both recording that during the vision of created videos. The processor is also optimized for virtual reality, generating quality pixels and colors similar to those of real life to ensure VR experience defined in all of LG G5 users.

aptX HD Audio Wireless 24-bit Hi-Fi
LG G5 offers aptX HD, an advanced codec that supports 24-bit audio via Bluetooth, ensuring rich, clear sound even over wireless connections without any latency. If coupled with LG TONE Platinum, the user can enjoy the superb Hi-Fi audio quality that approaches closely to the quality of the original source.

Qualcomm® Quick Charge ™ 3.0
The Qualcomm® Quick Charge ™ 3.0 technology allows you to recharge G5 at an incredible speed. Thanks to the use of a dedicated algorithm, Quick Charge 3.0 allows for faster recharging of 27% and offers better energy efficiency by 45% over the previous generation.

Technology Low Power Estimation Location (LPThe)
The battery of LG G5 has great durability thanks to the use of technology Low Power Location Estimation. This solution delivers a 42% battery efficiency by calculating the energy consumption related to installed apps.

“LG G5 invites everyone to rediscover the joy of a life on the move” – ​​said Juno Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “The LG G5 ecosystem is the result of demand they have set many experts in LG: it is still possible to be innovative, unique and revolutionary in the smartphone market? I think that once that our users will spend some time with LG G5, their answer will be a clear, strong and confident: YES. “

Currently, the availability for the Ghanaian market will be confirmed in the coming weeks

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