7 things that Apple users want to see in future updates of iOS and OS X

The WWDC 2016 approaches, and as we all know, Apple will unveil the new iOS updates and OS X during this great event. A few months later we propose a list of 7 things that Apple users want to see in 10 iOS and OS X 10.12. And what news you expect more?
Apple in recent years is more and more considering the opinion of users, trying to satisfy their needs with continuous updates of iOS and OS X. Even the world of jailbreak has served a lot of Cupertino company, which has brought different ideas from this community and has implemented in iOS. But of course not everything we wanted was inserted into the Apple operating systems. For this reason we want to offer a list of 7 things that Apple users want to see in iOS 10 and OS X 11.12.


Split View – Drag & Drop


The Split View was introduced with iOS 9 on iPad and allows you to view two applications simultaneously on the display. Unfortunately it is missing the chance to see two windows of the same application at the same time on the screen of our device. Think for example the convenience of having two cards Safari, open simultaneously.

In addition, users require the ability to be able to transfer files between applications, simply by opening them simultaneously with Split View, and carrying out a practical drag & drop.

It also lacks the function, which allows you to open a link directly in Split View mode, so as not to abandon the application we are using, while opening the link.


iOS extensions


Extensions of iOS were introduced with iOS 8 and allow greater integration of the app on our device. Developers have immediately sought to implement them within their own applications, but there are still limitations imposed by Apple, which does not allow the complete integration of all apps. Definitely more freedom for developers from this point of view, would make happy different users.


The ⌘ key on the iPad keyboard


A lack rather important for anyone who writes with the iPad keyboard. The ⌘ key would allow developers to add shortcuts of various kinds, or dedicated functions within their applications. Think of the convenience of having simply copy, paste, cut, select all etc. Really an important feature that many users are hoping to see on iOS 10.


QuickLook on iOS


QuickLook on OS X allows you to preview any file without opening the appropriate application for reading the file. Many Apple users like to see this function on iOS, for even more speed up the document management, photos, videos and other files. All this could be facilitated with the use of 3D Touch, just as they have in some applications with the iPhone 6S.


iBooks Author and xCode for iOS


With iBooks Author for iOS, the authors of digital books could manage its publications, directly from any iOS device without having to resort to a desktop version. In particular, the author could publish a new book, manage a still in development document or edit an e-book already published on the store.

As with iBooks Author, Apple could also lead xCode on iOS, allowing developers to develop and update their applications directly from the tablet. A non-essential function, but still very comfortable for those who do not always have a Mac computer.

Single platform between iOS and OS X
Some users claim that Apple’s OS X is now an old platform. iOS instead is growing and it is definitely a more “fresh” operating system, and loved by the users. Apple could then create a unified platform between the two operating systems, giving developers the basic code for your application development, which then should be adjusted according to the chosen operating system. Virtually single development base, which would facilitate the work to developers and application integration would lead to an even higher level.

It would certainly be very nice to see all our OS X applications, proposals even in their iOS version. Imagine being able to interact with TextEdit, Automator, Font Book, Keychain Access and Disk Utility, even on your iOS device. You’d like it?


Navigation within the system folders and USB support


A feature required by the birth of iOS is undoubtedly the ability to navigate within the system folders. Currently you can only do it by installing the jailbreak and using applications like iFile or similar. Apple continues to block this feature for security reasons, but maybe in the future we will be able to access certain folders, just as happens with iCloud Drive.

We also know very well what the situation is with USB devices and iOS devices. Some devices are equipped with a special Apple certification, thanks to which they can interact with the corresponding applications (for example dedicated to Apple devices audio cards). Obviously this certification limits the use of such devices, therefore greater opening from this point of view, although unlikely, would allow the integration of devices such as Newton, Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

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