Apple shifting to OLED displays for iPhone 7s


Some more than others, everyone expects Apple steps, sooner or later, the OLED display . According to the latest report, the transition could be achieved with the advent of iPhone 7s next year

From what is apparent, it seems that Apple has begun to make contact with LG and Samsung’s own in order to prepare for the upgrade for the next year feature that, when the tradition is not betrayed, should say “s”.


This choice that now seems very late compared to the devices of many competitors, is said to be one of the reasons that could dramatically slow the sale of devices in the event that it is postponed further.

On the other side we find the Manufacturers starting a bit ‘in a cold sweat at the thought of having to provide the usual quantities of components, this time OLEDs, observing as much as possible the agreed delivery times.

In many, however, they are asking: iPhone has become a status or characteristics actually affect the quality of sales?

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