Young people still prefer the iPhone, Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch

Young people still prefer the iPhone, Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch

According to a recent survey Jaffray analyst Gene Munster of Piper the ‘ interest of young people for iPhone ,continues to grow

Apple Watch remains the most popular smartwatch while continuing decline against the iPad


Among the young people who responded to the survey, 69% own an iPhone compared to 67% who responded to the survey last year.

75% of young respondents expect an iPhone as the next smartphone with a 1% increase compared to 2015.


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For the smartwatch teen audience they are not yet very popular and only 12% of respondents have one. Among these Apple Watch was the model with the highest preference.

12% of teenagers in the possession of a smartwatch, 71% is branded Apple and also for this family of devices are increasing the attention although at a percentage less clear.

Only 10% said the interest in the purchase of a smartwatch, an increase of 2% since the autumn of last year.

Considering the full range of wearable devices, the FitBit is the favorite among teenagers with 72% who would choose it over other, Nike is in second place with 12% of the vote while Apple Watch occupies the lowest rung of the podium with 6% of the responses.






The popularity of wearable devices is gradually increasing with 22% among the ladies and 18% of boys who wear especially for fitness compared to 14% (ladies) and 12% (boys) in the previous survey.

The interest for the tablet instead has steadily decreased. 59% of the boys has got one compared with 61% in the previous survey only 13% who do not yet own a tablet plan to buy one in the next six months.

Among the iPad tablet is still the most popular, 64% of those who purchased one chose the tablet of Cupertino.

Among those who still do not have a tablet, 63% would buy an iPad compared to 58% last year, but this variation may depend on the new iPad Pro.

Still about iPhone, the interest could grow in the autumn with the launch of the iPhone 7, so you would expect a major update of aesthetic functionality.

The growth of interest in Apple Watch might observe a stagnant period saw that updates for the new generation should not be too great while for iPad the decline could continue during the year because of little significant change and the launch of Pro models 12.9 “and 9.7” recently on the market.




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