iPhone SE could convince users not to upgrade to iPhone 7 | editorial

Switch to the new iPhone model every year, it is a practice widespread among technology enthusiasts to stay

in step with the times and have a cutting edge device, but by the arrival of iPhone SE something could change.


We all know the endless queues in front of the doors of the Apple Store in the world and trips

to buy the device in countries where it is sold first.  This year, however, there may be more than one reason

why those who have chosen the new iPhone SE can choose to ” skip ” the purchase of the next

iPhone 7 and not only for economic reasons.

Between now and September, the period of the expected launch of the new device, there is still a long

time in which new details emerge that will favor a decision or another.

Meanwhile, the rumors that speak of the iPhone 7 features provide details still too unconvincing

to make increase the hype to the new device.

Until now iPhone SE compares well with iPhone 6S but it will almost certainly destined to lose a bit ‘of land with what will be called ” the best iPhone yet” .

Who bought iPhone SE believes it is just as it should be, in its ideal cut. The smaller screen than the iPhone 6 / 6S is not then too small, the application icons will still see well even when placed in folders.

With the exception of the absence of the stabilizer (present on the iPhone 6s Plus), the rear camera is identical to that of its bigger brothers while the front is a little bit weak but nothing earth-shattering. By using the device to take pictures with the volume key, it seems a compact camera “type point and shoot ” well designed.

The lightest and smallest of the iPhone body SE makes it particularly convenient in the pockets, especially for those accustomed to keep with the device during sports.

Then there is also another reason, been a bit ‘on the sly, so Apple may have thought to

iPhone SE with the return to the smaller screen. A smartphone with a smaller device can return a little

‘more to iPad market that would cover the disadvantages of a reduced display.
The idea of a new iPhone with the old design brings people to understand what the size that best suits their needs whereas, apart from a few details including the lack of 3D Touch, the specs are virtually identical to the flagship models the benefit of a saving between 32% and 35%.

The new iPhone SE in the 16GB model costs € 509 while the 64GB version rises to 609 against

779 and 889 for the iPhone 6s in 16 and 64 GB respectively.

Of course the comparison with an iPhone that does not yet exist is difficult to achieve, especially considering that the information on iPhone 7 are just rumors and there is nothing official but rumors never deviate too much from reality and often anticipate, finding response at the time of the presentation of the device.

Unfortunately, expectations are always high, especially when it is in Apple and the market is expecting an iPhone game 7 revolutionary and not just an evolved version of iPhone 6s that is not destined to make history,

not even for the larger screen, already on iPhone 6 and definitely not 3D Touch, still too immature.

If indeed Apple’s intention was to renew the design every three years instead of every two, and if indeed

we should expect a few improvements in hardware on the next iPhone 7 and wait for iPhone 8 for a

general revolution, then one might think that Apple has It created a great device intended to better understand the expectations of users and to appease the expectations towards something truly innovative that will

come only in the autumn of next year but may have brought “a snake within” for the new generation of iPhone sales .


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