At WWDC Apple will present a completely revised version of Apple Music

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There are only a few weeks at the WWDC 2016 , during which Apple will present the new on-side software for their products. According to recent rumors, one of these will be precisely tied to Apple Music , which will be presented in a completely new.

Apple Music was released almost a year ago, with the launch of iOS 8.4. The service has received many positive comments from critics and audiences, but even so its interface on iOS remains impractical and poorly exploited. For this reason, according to some anonymous sources, the service will be completely revised at the WWDC to show up in a future update (perhaps iOS 9.4) with completely new graphical interface and several new features. In fact, the section Connect application is really a failure, and the other sections should be reviewed, simplified and customized properly, to ensure the user an easy and immediate use of the service.

So we’ll see during the WWDC what the actual news for Apple Music, which probably will be accompanied by new commercials and perhaps even small discounts for subscription.

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