Apple Working on OS X 10.12 Feature For Macs to Be Unlocked via iPhone’s Touch ID

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Unlock an iPhone using the  Touch ID instead of the usual access code ensures greater security (virtually unbreakable). What if you could use your fingerprint sensor for iOS devices to unlock the Mac to

It has often been spoken of likely future implementations of a digital fingerprint reader on the Mac and, apparently, Apple is working precisely to a solution that comes close to this option, which could come as early with OS X 10.12 .

The engineers of the Californian company  planning to release function that would allow to use an iPhone (or iPad), obviously with Touch ID, to unlock the Mac to which it is coupled , eliminating the need for security password.

The function, using the Bluetooth LE framework, presumably will function very similar to that already seen on Apple Watch , which supports its unlocking via iPhone.

It is also possible that a connection with an Apple Watch allows to unlock a Mac even when the iPhone in question is not located nearby, making the process even easier. This concept has already been demonstrated Knock app for iPhone and Apple Watch, using a Bluetooth connection to unlock a Mac without entering any password. Knock obviously requires that the application is installed on both the iPhone and Mac, but a feature developed by Apple would make it even simpler.

Apple could unveil the new features with OS X 10.12 , but there are no certainties. Another new feature of the next update of the operating system for Mac regards the ‘ integration of Siri.

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