iPhone 7 Screen protector reveals that there will be no major changes?

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The next iPhone 7 will definitely have some improvements in hardware and the Plus version will present the dual cameras but, as has often been suggested, it seems that there will be no major changes in the aesthetic design than the current iPhone 6 / 6S.

To confirm this hypothesis, which is on track to become a certainty, it is a new photo appeared online which concerns the protection for the iPhone 7 screen that looks very much like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.

The image was taken during the ” Computers Unlimited Exposed ” in London, and no significant changes regarding the shape of the device, except for the two holes of the light sensor placed at the top of your smartphone.

The new version of the iPhone will debut in September was imagined as one of the most important for Apple, since it comes at a time of market stall which marked a significant drop in sales, but, apparently, in Cupertino minded differently

Despite the increase in orders for internal components in anticipation of a success , the idea is that they are stalling for proposing a very important update for 2017 with iPhone 7s.

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