The iPhone 6s value is very high, even three months after the launch of the new model

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Gene Munster, through its final analysis, showed that the value of the Apple smartphone still remains very high. The iPhone 6s fact, at nine months after the launch, which was worth more than the iPhone 6 in the same period last year.

The analysis was conducted by analyzing the price at which the iPhone 6s being sold on eBay. The latest smartphone from Apple maintains, on average, yet 78% of its original price, while the iPhone 6 last year, after 9 months of launch, retained 74% of the starting price.

According to the analyst, this figure indicates that the business and interest in Apple products is getting higher. In the same report Munster is also a mirror on the iPhone 7, providing very high sales, comparable to the iPhone 6 and Apple may have a growth of over 10%.

As for the competition, however, after only 4 months, the Samsung Galaxy S7 retains 71% of its starting price, a figure more negative than all S6 last year that after four months kept 73% of the original price.

Via | appleinsider

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