iPhone 7: The few new elements provided do not even bother Apple

iPhone 7: The few new elements provided do not even bother Apple

Now there are already several rumors circulating about the possible new iPhone 7. This year, the new iPhone should really present a few killer-features, but most will not submit a new design. However, Apple does not seem to worry about it, in fact hopes to record an increase in sales in 2017.

Reading the rumors of the last few months, I am already many users who do not want to buy the next Apple device. This number will probably grow even if there exist iPhone 7, when we have the final confirmation of the possible few novelty of these devices.

According to the well-known analyst Timothy Arcuri, Apple is not at all concerned about the sales of its next smartphone. Probably this year will not record dizzying numbers, but everything is well thought out for incoming devices in 2017. The next year, in fact, according to the analyst in question, Apple is expected to present a true revolutionary iPhone, able to beat all previous records in sales. The iPhone 7 will act virtually as a “bridge” between the current generation of Apple’s smartphone and the next, coming in 2017.

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