The era of the plastic credit card is about to end: from ATM withdrawals can be made through TouchID

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In a few years, in most modern countries (do not think Africa), there will be a radical transformation in relation to payments and to withdraw cash.

To date more than 70,000 ATMs in the US are already enabled to withdrawal from ATMs through an application and the iPhone Touch ID.

The Apple devices are not the only ones supported. These branches in fact, include an NFC tag that makes possible a variety of new possibilities and withdrawal systems. Some even ventured that in a few years the plastic credit cards will cease to exist.

Pick from smartphones is simple: just enter in your account and enter the amount you want. At this point the iPhone users will see a popup that asks them to fingerprint recognition while Android will display a QR Code to be scanned by the application on the phone. This will authorize the payment, without having to bring a physical credit card always with him.

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