Trademark Filings Confirm Apple’s Work on Upcoming ‘AirPods’

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The iPhone 7 will not have the headphone jack of 3.5 mm and as a result, since the beginning of this year, we assumed the launch of new Apple headphones to be connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone.Next, we discovered that someone had registered the trademark for the name “AirPods”, which could GJA represent a sort of confirmation.

In recent months, the review process of the trademark has moved on and, at first, it was discovered that the registration was due to the company In Flight Entertainment LLC. Apple is used to record marks with the name of other companies, not to reveal their plans, however, in a recent paper, appears the signature of Jonathan Brown, an Apple manager.


This confirms that the Cupertino company is the one who holds the trademark for the name AirPods, which could represent an evolution of the common -without WIRE- EarPods.

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