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iPhone 7: A10 dual-core processor and 3GB of RAM? [UPDATED]

A new image of the iPhone 7 reveals the possible specifications of the device. It will have a dual-core processor?

The image in question, reported by MacRumors loaded on Weibo, shows what appears to be a likely iPhone data sheet 7. The phone acronym is iPhone 9.2 iOS with version 10 installed, so in line with other marks of Apple’s smartphone. According to the card would assemble the device a dual-core ARM chip from 2:37 GHz and a RAM of 3 GB. According to the benchmark in the photos, the iPhone 7 reaches the score of 6430 in dual-core and single core in 3548.
Obviously this is a picture to be taken with tongs, although now it is almost to the presentation of the new Apple phone. We’ll have to wait about a month to get all the official confirmation of the event of the iPhone presentation 7.


UPDATE: The rumor has been denied directly from their source. It is a false image.

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