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The upcoming album from Lady Gaga will not be exclusive to Apple Music

The record company Universal Music Group intends to put an end to the exclusive Apple Music, Spotify and other similar platform. Well, just the UMG would have decided to act immediately, deciding not to distribute the new album Lady Gaga as an exclusive Apple’s music service

Everything stems from the CEO of the record company, which does not share the same opinion of the managers of the different labels related to the group who would like to continue to grant exclusive rights to the music streaming platform, as Apple Music.

The decision was then taken, and from this moment on, no artist contract tied to the group will draw up agreements with several companies engaged in the industry for the exclusive of songs or entire albums.Among them is part of course Lady Gaga, whose next album will be available on all platforms, disproving the rumors that spoke of an exclusive for Apple Music.

Apple certainly will not be happy with the UMG decision. Apple Music with the company achieved good results, but still decided to focus on great exclusives to make it comparable with established platforms for years, such as Spotify.

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