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Apple presents new AirPods, the first wirless headset for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Until now no one has taken up the challenge of offering wireless audio with the same quality of the cable.Apple has done and during the event the course presented the new headphones wireless AirPods. Let’s find out together!

Apple unveiled AirPods today, innovative wireless headsets that use an advanced technology to reinvent the way we listen to music, Call, we enjoy movies and TV series, play video games and interact with Siri, thanks to wireless audio experience so far impossible. The AirPods eliminate the problems normally associated with wireless headphones: just open the housing cover of the innovative charging and with a simple tap are ready and perfectly matched to the iPhone and the Apple Watch. The advanced sensors detect when the user wears them to listen to music and starting or pausing the playback automatically.And with AirPods earphones, you can access personal assistant Siri with a double tap. This revolutionary experience is made possible by the new Apple chip W1 from ultra low power consumption, allowing AirPods to offer a high-quality audio and a range of cutting-edge battery in the market in a completely wireless design. The AirPods will be available from late October.


“The AirPods are the first earphones can offer a revolutionary wireless audio experience, thanks to Apple’s new chip W1, provide innovative features including a high-quality sound, excellent battery life and auto-configuration,” he said Philip Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Apple.”The AirPods are simple and magic to use, have no switches or keys and connect automatically to all Apple devices in an easy and intuitive, allowing you to access Siri with a double tap. We look forward that users try them with iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2. ”

With AirPods, configure and use wireless headphones has never been so simple. Just open the next iPhone and charging pocket with a simple tap, the AirPods configuring instantly with all devices that have access to the same iCloud account, including your iPad and your Mac. AirPods they are now connected and ready to use, just simply put them in your ears when listening. The AirPods can spend intelligently and immediately by a phone call on your iPhone to listen to music on your Apple Watch.


All the revolutionary innovations introduced with AirPods are the result of the new Apple W1 chip, which interfaces with the double optical sensors and with integrated accelerometers to detect the position of AirPods and so start playback only in the moment in which the user wears them . Just take them to automatically pause the music, or remove either headset to talk with another person and wear it again to resume listening. To access Siri just a double tap on AirPods: you can select and control your music, adjust the volume, check the battery level or ask Siri to do something. Another built-in accelerometer in each earpiece detects when the user is speaking, allowing the two microphones beam forming to focus on the sound of your voice and making it even more clear and crisp by filtering out external noise.

The W1 chip Apple’s ultra efficient consumes one third compared to traditional wireless chip, so AirPods offer up to 5 hours of listening time on a single charge. The planned fitted case keeps extra charge, for a total duration of advanced listening in the sector amounted to more than 24 hours: * the AirPods will always be charged and ready for use.

Pricing and Availability

The new wireless headsets AirPods designed by Apple, with charging case included, will be available at a price of € 179 VAT on  and through the Apple Store starting in late October. The AirPods require Apple devices with iOS 10, watchOS 3 or MacOS Sierra.

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