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Covers and Cases for iPhone 6 and 6s are not compatible with iPhone 7

For some it may seem something quite obvious, others are not. The cases for iPhone 6/6 Plus and 6S / 6S Plus are not compatible with the new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.


The devices are very similar to each other, have exactly the same height, width and thickness, but there are differences that make the incompatible housings. The new iPhone does not have the headphone jack at the bottom and this is definitely a first difference. Certainly there are cases that leave the bottom completely free and open, but even these will be compatible due to the camera. The size of the cameras are different for both models compared to their predecessors.


Even in this case, they are commercially available enclosures with a wider space for the camera, the hole which, at first sight, would seem to be perfectly compatible with even the shape of the 7 Plus, but again it is not so.

The new iPhone in fact, have the camera positioned slightly lower than their predecessors, so the holes do not match and are not aligned. In addition, it would cover inequivocabilemente the LED Flash.

So on Day One we will all also procure a new housing. On the Apple site proposals, which look like this we are already available:

mmqy2-750x750 mmx12-750x750

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